Arcotel MAHRS 2400Bd PSK-8 bursts ALE

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Arcotel MAHRS 2400Bd PSK-8 bursts ALE

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recording ... E.wav?dl=0

Fast bursts sent every 500 msec, spreading about a 2800 Hz bandwidth. Each burst shows a short preamble of 8 un-modulated carriers, symmetrical with respect to the center frequency of the signal, and a short PSK-2 preamble. The data segment is a serial tone carrier at ~ 1800 Hz with a PSK-8 manipulation at 2400 baud.
The MAHRS protocol, or better the procedure, was described in WUN-10 newsletter [1].
Sometimes you find the MAHRS protocol reported along with the names EADS/RADCOM and Arcotel: the former is the name of the HW producer, TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems - TELEFUNKEN RACOMS [2], while the latter is the name of the modem.
The source should be the German Mil, as reported in the above link to WUN newsletter.


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Re: Arcotel MAHRS 2400Bd PSK-8 bursts ALE

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Thank you for your analysis.